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Inshuti workers are members of our growing Inshuti community. Many house recipients become workers in subsequent builds, while workers often become future house recipients. It’s a repeating cycle that has helped create our growing Inshuti community.
Initially, the most critical aspect of our mission was building houses to shelter those in need. As our project expands, we realize how job creation has impacted the Inshuti community. Our two-prong approach to community development provides houses to those living in deplorable conditions and ensures employment for families to support themselves.
Jobs For The Community
Jobs for the community
Why work for inshuti?
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Consistent employment

At Inshuti of Rwanda, we provide consistent work to our community and also pay our employees a liveable wage. For many, the volatility and lack of job opportunities are the norm; most days, people are without work. We are committed to ensuring that our crews have reliable employment and a frequent raise. In 2023, we budgeted a 20% raise for all Inshuti masons and workers to guarantee they can support their families.

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Supporting neighbors

A culture of giving is naturally woven into Rwanda's society. The majority of people within the Inshuti community desire to help their neighbors; however, their limited resources often prevent them from being able to do so. Inshuti jobs are more than just employment; by working with Inshuti of Rwanda, many can fulfill their desire to help their neighbors and strengthen the community they live in.

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We ensure an ethical and respectful workspace at our house-building sites. Inshuti's belief in providing a respectful and safe space for our crews opposes the conduct many impoverished persons commonly experience in day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, the social-economic status of our Inshuti community often results in cruel treatment by employers. We aim to prevent, stop and change this behavior by respecting each Inshuti worker.

Who Are Inshuti Workers
Akimanizanye Alphonsine

Alphonsine is a pillar of our Inshuti community. She has worked on every build since 2015, and her family became house recipients in 2016. An incredibly hard worker, Alphonsine is known to help her neighbors in times of need despite having very little.

Bikorimana Jean

Bikorimana is one of our new Lead Masons, but he has been a part of our team since 2015. He leads crews well and houses constructed by Bikorimana are always built perfectly straight and strong. We value having Bikorimana in our Inshuti community.


Sylvani has been working with Inshuti since 2020 and is one of our Lead Masons. We selected him to run our crews because of his hard work and diligence. He's also a family man and a devoted father of three children.

Rizinde Claudette

Claudette's smile is infectious! Crews who work with Claudette are always laughing and having fun. She brings joy to our house-building sites, and we love her for it. Claudette's been working with us since 2016, and her family moved into their own Inshuti home in 2017.

Livable Wages
Liveable Wages
How the inshuti crew uses their salary
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Mugabekazi Petronilla
Inshuti Worker, since 2021

Petronilla is an Inshuti worker and herself a house recipient. She never stops smiling and is one of the hardest workers in our crews. Petronilla has been able to buy living room furniture, build a compound fence around her property and pigs with the money she saves from her Inshuti salary. This women is going places!

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Anna & Shadad
Inshuti Workers, since 2017

Anna and Shadad are Inshuti workers, but they are also house recipients. In 2021, while Anna and Shadad were Inshuti employees constructing their house, they saved enough money to buy living room furniture for their new home. A huge accomplishment for a family who had so little.

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Hakizimana Hassan
Inshuti Mason, Since 2014

Hassan has been an Inshuti mason since our first house and is part of our crews every building season. His family became house recipients in 2017, but Hassan didn't stop there. With his Inshuti salary, Hassan purchased new metal-framed glass windows and doors for his house and sends his children to private school.

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Inshuit Mason, since 2017

Bizimungu is one of our newly appointed Lead Masons. He is well-respected by everyone and knows our building standards well. "Working with Inshuti is not just a job but is also allows me to help my community. With the money I earn as a lead mason I'm able to support my wife and nine children".

How We Build Inshuti Houses
How We Build Inshuti Houses