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Campaigns for Inshuti Families
What is a campaign?
What is an Inshuti campaign?

Campaigns are designed for individuals, families, schools, those participating in community service projects, or groups who want to support a Rwandan family in need of shelter. Each person starting a Campaign will be connected to an Inshuti family through stories and pictures. With this information, Campaigners raise money from their circle of friends and relatives to fund the construction of a new house for their Inshuti family. During the build, Campaigners will receive regular construction updates, and after the house is complete, a framed photograph of their Inshuti family in front of the new home.

Campaigns allow for more than the building of homes; it also builds a bridge between communities. A lifelong connection is made between the Campaigner and their Inshuti family.

Campaigns 2023
2023 Campaigns
Ayla & Kailuna
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Single mother & Rape survivor, 29 years old

- Manishimwe Jeanette, 10 years old
- Mugisha Emmanuel, 6 years old

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Single Mother & Abuse Survivor, 39 years old

- Uwinaza Pascalin, 17 years old
- Ujeneza Theorie, 16 years old
- Kubwayesu Emmanuel, 15 years old
- Umuhoza Beattie, 9 years old
- Uwase Bellia, 7 years old

Molly & Rasheda
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Widow & Single Mother, 53 Years Old

- Icyimanimpaye Francoise, 31 years old
- Children of Francoise: Uwase Jeanine, 12 years old; Gakuru Soleil & Gato Solonge, 9 years old (twins); Ishimwe Ester, 3 years old
- Nyiramugisha Josianne, 16 years old
- Kwizera Bosco, 5 years old

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Genocide Suvivor, 38 years old

- Mujyambere Faustin, 41 years old
- Irakiza Sandrine, 12 years old
- Isimwe Olive, 9 years old
- Irabishoboye Confiance, 5 years old

Sarah & NEW
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Day Laborer, 46 Years Old

- Sindagayimana Anastasie, 32 years old
- Irabishoboye Salim, 13 years old
- Hahirwusenga Assifewe, 11 years old
- Nsenjiyumva Samuel, 9 years old

Start a campaign for Leonidas
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Miruho Leonidas's Family
Day Laborer, 56 years old

- Gumyuzane Josephine, 58 years old
- Uwimbabazi Devot, 19 years old
- Ndayisabye Salomon, 17 years old
- Twubahimana Djazila, 12 years old
- Dufitijuru Elijah, 10 years old
- Uwase Gift, 1 year old (daughter of Devot)