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Uwimana Anne-Marie's Story

Uwimana Anne-Marie finds herself in a poignant predicament alongside her brother Mbarushimana Issac and her young children; Itangishaka, Ishimwe, and Ishami. At five months pregnant, Anne-Marie grapples with the weight of responsibility, compounded by the absence of adequate shelter. The dire need for a home looms large, yet the lack of resources casts a shadow over their prospects.

Tragically, Anne-Marie and Issac's familial journey has been marred by profound loss, with their parents having perished in the harrowing events of the 1994 genocide alongside several siblings. Only one brother survived, which proved a harrowing blow to Anne-Marie and Issac's well-being and self-confidence. Following the genocide's aftermath, they sought refuge with their grandfather, a man who bore his own scars of tragedy, having lost his wife and all his children. Their shared history of hardship bound them together, but fate continued to deal them cruel blows. Their grandfather's relocation to an elderly care facility in 2019 left them clinging to the remnants of a fractured past in their ancestral home.

Anne-Marie navigates the trials of single parenthood without the solace of a partner, while Issac valiantly shoulders the responsibility of providing for the family as best he can, albeit with the volatility of sporadic employment, earning a mere pittance that often falls short of securing their next meal. Amidst the palpable struggles, the haunting specter of malnourishment affects Anne-Marie's twins, who, at nearly four years old, bear the physical toll of malnutrition.

The family lives in their grandfather's derelict home, which has fallen into disrepair. The house has dirt floors, a roof with many holes, and a lack of proper sanitation. There is only one old, dirty foam mat for the entire family to sleep on without the warmth of a blanket. It is an unsuitable place to raise children. Theirs is a tale of resilience mixed with despair, a narrative that underscores the urgent need for compassion and support in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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By supporting this campaign, you will contribute to the change our world urgently needs. Thank you sincerely for your generosity. Barbara.

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Anne-Marie (30), Issac (34), Fabrice (10), Devine (4), Devin (4) in front of the house they live in.

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The entire family sleeps here on an old foam mat placed on the dirt floor without a blanket.

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The house has an old roof that leaks when it rains, making the dirt floor muddy.

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Anne-Marie is pregnant and the single mother of three children. She constantly worries about her family's future.

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When Issac can not find work, the family often doesn't eat that day or survives on a few potatoes.

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Four year old twins Devine and Devin are severely malnourished, leaving them small and frail for their age.

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The family's few possessions.

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Fabrice is 10 years old but also looks a lot younger for his age due to poor nutrition and frequently being ill.

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The family owns few personal effects and barely have any clothes.


Please consider donating to help build Ann-Marie a new home and create a brighter future for this family.

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