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Niyonizeye Donatha's Story

Niyonizeye Donatha's journey with Inshuti began in 2021 when our project coordinator, Felix, hired her as a worker. It was an act of compassion spurred by concerned neighbors who sought to improve Donatha’s well-being by asking Inshuti to employ her. Donatha has since proven herself as an invaluable asset at our construction sites, selected as an Inshuti house recipient for her unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic.

Despite facing hardships, Donatha perseveres, tirelessly striving to help others and contribute positively to our community. Her story is one of resilience, enduring one of the most harrowing and despicable experiences imaginable. One evening, when Donatha was returning home after delivering some of her mother’s homemade banana beer, she was confronted on a small, isolated lane. She was jostled and manhandled into a banana forest, where Donatha was horrifyingly raped. She became pregnant from the rape, but instead of being comforted or safeguarded by her family, Donatha endured mistreatment from her own family for being pregnant and was forced to leave her home.

As a single mother with limited education who is coping with unimaginable trauma, not having stable and secure housing only adds to Donatha’s burden and worry. It is vital that we support Donatha by building her a home, thereby creating a foundation for her future.

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Why we want to help Donatha
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DUGES (Dublin University Gender Equality Society) is proud to be part of the campaign to build a house for Donatha, one of the many women affected by the socio-economic unrest brought by the rippling effects of the unrest throughout Rawanda’s history. As the feminist society in Trinity College Dublin, our involvement in this initiative aligns perfectly with our core values of advocating for equality and supporting marginalized communities to avail of a fundamental human right, access to adequate housing. By participating in this campaign, we are not only addressing gender disparities but also actively working towards improving the lives of single mothers like Donatha, whose access to housing would reflect a monumental increase in the quality of life for their struggling families. Contributions towards this goal are invaluable and symbolize a collective effort towards positive change. Together, we can make a tangible difference in Donatha’s life and empower her to build a brighter future for herself and her family. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

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Donatha (35) and her son Elyse (10) in front of the two rooms they rent.

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The space they rent has an old roof that leaks when it rains, making the dirt floor muddy.

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Donatha and her son sleep together on an old foam mat placed on the dirt floor.

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Before working for Inshuti, Donatha struggled to find work and often could not afford food or pay rent.

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When Donatha was kicked out of her family home she left with nothing and had to buy used items.

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By working with Inshuti, Donatha has found a sense of belonging and community that has helped her heal.

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We selected Donatha to be a house recipient because of her hard work, determination and perseverance despite the hardships she has faced.

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Donate today and join DUGES in giving Donatha and her son shelter, security and independence.

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