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How Lauren Rose became rosa
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The first-year Lauren Rose traveled to Rwanda in 2011; nobody could say or remember her name whenever introducing herself. She didn’t think much about it until the following year when she arrived in Ghana to volunteer at a rural clinic. At the airport, Francis asked her name. She responded, “Lauren” however, Francis looked confused. Lauren tried again, “Lauren.” On the third try, Francis responded, “Do you have another name?” Lauren’s middle name is Rose, and she said, “What about Rose?” Francis’s face lit up, and said, “Yes, we have Rose here. We will call you Rose.” So, for her entire time in Ghana, Lauren went by Rose.

After volunteering in Ghana, Lauren flew to Rwanda to work with a micro-loan organization. This was also the year she met Solome. Lauren asked Felix if people had difficulty saying her name. Felix said, “Yes, we don’t have Lauren here, and it’s hard to remember a name you’re not used to hearing.” Lauren responded, “Well, what about Rose? Do you have Rose in Rwanda?” Felix said, “We don’t have Rose in East Africa; we say, Rosa.” So, Lauren went by Rosa for the remainder of her time in Rwanda, and the rest is history. During all her travels through Africa and Asia, she goes by Rosa, and now her African name has become Rosa’s preferred moniker.