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In 2015, Alexia was forced to make a difficult decision for the well-being of her children. Alexia's life was intertwined with Samuel—a man whose lack of assistance, support, and inability to provide security for her family cast a shadow over her path. She left her children's father when her youngest child, Samuela, was only eight months old.

Sadly, her struggles did not end there. Alexia and her two children faced homelessness, seeking refuge in abandoned homes as she tirelessly tried to sustain her family. Alexia was given a piece of land by her mother five years ago, hoping to one day build a home. This small piece of land became the foundation of Alexia's dream of a better life for her children.

Witnessing the family's homelessness and instability, the Bisizi Village community compassionately joined together last year to build a small structure for Alexia, Samuela, and Moise. Although they finally have a much-needed roof to call their own, their living conditions remain dire.

Their home is dim day and night due to the lack of windows, while their bare dirt floors reflect their enduring hardships. On their feet is a single old bed shared by the three of them, surrounded by their few possessions. Their frail shelter has left them vulnerable to break-ins. Through these conditions, Moise and Samuela still attend school, a testament to Alexia's commitment to her children's future.

Please considering donating to help build a proper home for Alexia and her two children. Together we can shelter this family and give them a chance at a brighter future.

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Alexia and her children live in a one room mud and stick structure build for them by their community.

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The bed takes up almost the entire space they have to live in.

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The entire family sleeps in the same bed made up of a thin mattress and one old sheet.

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Alexia, Moise and Samuela were homeless until their community build them a simple room to live in.

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The families most valuable possessions are these few pots and cookstove.

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Alexia struggles to find jobs, and the family often goes without food on days she has no work.

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Despite having very little, Alexia prioritizes buying school supplies for her children so they can attend public school.

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On weekends, Moise tries to find work washing people's clothes for extra money for his family.

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There are no windows for ventilation or sunlight and the door is weak, leaving the family vulnerable to a break-in.

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Donate today and help us build a proper house that Alexia and her children so desperately need.

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